Professional Science Master (PSM)

Students examine soil in lab   Student pipetting in lab

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At OSU-Tulsa, we offer the Professional Science Master Degree Program (PSM) in Environmental Management. This non-thesis degree program has been approved for affiliation as a PSM degree by the National Professional Science Master's Association (NPSMA) and is the first of its kind in Oklahoma. 

The Professional Science Master Degree Program differs from other ESGP degrees by providing students a springboard to industry-specific job opportunities. With its regulatory emphasis, the PSM program places high importance on practical problem solving rather than on research; those who plan to pursue a doctoral (PhD) degree are strongly encouraged to apply for our traditional MS degree which results in a thesis.

Graduate students in the Environmental Management PSM complete 33 credit hours which include 12 hours of required core courses (see below), approved science electives, and an internship that requires spending 240 hours with a company or organization approved by their committee. In lieu of a thesis, the student completes an internship. This experience equips students with practical, hands-on experience for their careers. 

To serve our working adult clients, all PSM coursework is offered in the evenings, generally from 4:30 PM to 7:10 PM or from 7:30 PM to 10 PM. Each class generally meets only once per week (other than summer classes) at our satellite campus in Tulsa. For students at our main campus in Stillwater who wish to commute to Tulsa for PSM courses, inter-campus transportation is available.

Core curriculum requirements for PSM students include the following required courses:

  • ENVR 5303 Issues in Sustainability: 3 credits.  (Taught only in Fall semester.)
  • ENVR 5123 Environmental Problem Analysis: 3 credits.  (Taught only in Spring semester.)
  • ENVR 5503 Environmental Management Practicum: 3 credits. Prerequisite: 18 credit hours.  
  • ENVR 5510 Environmental Management Internship: 3 credits. Prerequisite: 5503 and consent of advisor.
  • Natural or Physical Science (21 hours)