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Our program is one of the oldest programs in the nation having been founded in 1977. Over the last several decades, our program has graduated over 144 Ph.D. and 349 M.S. students. These ESGP graduates have gone on to be leaders in every facet of the environmental field. These individuals are now lead scientists at EPA, professors and deans at major universities, industry and energy leaders, CEOs of environmental consulting firms, sustainability experts, tribal environmental program leaders, environmental educators, and leaders in a wide variety of municipal, state and federal agencies.

Our students are housed in one of many departments including Agricultural Economics, Economics, Leisure Studies, Plant and Soil Sciences, Natural Resources Ecology and Management, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Geology, Geography, Political Science, Educational and School Psychology, School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership, Sociology and Zoology. There are over 128 faculty affiliated with the ESGP at OSU and over 70 of these have served as faculty advisors.