Funding Your Degree

TStudents who are pursuing MS (with thesis) or PhD degrees may be eligible for assistantships to help fund their graduate studies in the Environmental Science Graduate Program.  Possible sources of funding include:

  1. ESGP Department Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)
    1. Applicants are evaluated upon acceptance for an ESGP assistantship.  There is no need to apply separately.
    2. Only the strongest applications will potentially receive ESGP funding.  Applications which include GRE scores will be more competitive than those without.
    3. Funding includes a tuition waiver and stipend.
  2. Advisor Funding
    1. Your advisor may choose to appoint you to either a Research or Teaching Assistantship, if funds are available.
    2. Stipends vary by department, but all include a tuition waiver.
  3. Other funding options may be available; for more information, refer to the Graduate College: