PSM Core Requirements

Required Core Curriculum: 

ENVR 5123 Environmental Problem Analysis: 

The purpose of this 3 credit hour course is to provide the students with an understanding of how to holistically approach environmental problem solving from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will learn a methodological approach to problem solving. Students will also work in teams with individuals that have varying backgrounds in order to solve a real world environmental problem.  

ENVR 5303 Issues in Environmental Sustainability:

The course reviews human-nature relationships and how they affect the ability of future generations to sustainably improve their quality of life. The course also considers methods of environmental stewardship that can contribute to sustainability. In-class and/or online discussions of issues, guest presentations by outside experts, and reports on selected topics are included.

ENVR 5503 Environmental Management Practicum:

3 credits. Prerequisite: 18 credit hours. This course introduces strategies for the design and operation of environmental management systems that reduce environmental impacts in conformance with ISO 14000 standards. Topics include aspect identification, impact assessment, impact reduction strategies, and management oversight. Other topics such as training, internal and external auditing, and integration with other management programs will also be addressed.

ENVR 5510: Environmental Management Internship:

3 credits. Prerequisite: 5503 and consent of your advisor. The student must identify and solve an environmental problem under the supervision of a competent professional environmental manager, and submit and defend a formal report presenting the problem, solution analysis methodologies, and recommended solution. The internship must involve at least 240 contact hours with the manager. The course is required of all Masters’ students pursuing a plan of study in Environmental Management. From this course the student will develop a “Creative Component” report.

Natural or Physical Science: 

PSM students complete a minimum of 21 credit hours of natural or physical science. Any courses related to environmental science and consistent with the student's Plan of Study can be taken.

Examples of Elective Courses