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Environmental Policy and Conflict Management

Program Description

This option will allow environmental science graduates students to gain formal recognition for their curricular emphasis in one or both of two closely related areas: environmental policy and environmental conflict management. The Environmental Policy emphasis provides students with advanced understanding of international, national, and state environmental law regulation, methods for dealing effectively with environmental agencies, techniques for analyzing the benefits and costs of environmental policies and approaches for involving stakeholders in environmental policy deliberation. The Environmental Conflict Management emphasis will train students in understanding and communicating about uncertainty, reducing controversy, building trust and managing conflict. Students will be encouraged to acquire theory and skills in conflict assessment and alternative dispute resolution. All students pursuing this option will be required to develop substantive expertise in at least one of the following technical areas: water management, waste management, natural resources management, and risk management.

Graduates focusing on this option will be prepared for careers in government, nonprofit organizations, community relations and outreach firms, and compliance and public relations units within industry and business.

Required core courses

ENVR 5303 Issues in Environmental Sustainability

ENVR 5123 Environmental Problem Analysis

ENVR 5210 Genres of Environmental Writing

Suggested Additional Courses

ENVR 5050 Readings in Environmental Science Topics

ENGL 5583 Environmental writing

ENVR 6210 Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science

LSB 5203 Foundations of Issue and Conflict Management

LSB 5213 Mediation and Facilitation: Theories and Practice

LSB 5233 Introduction to Arbitration and Litigation

LSB 5290 Seminar in Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

MGMT 4713 Negotiation Essentials

MGMT 5563 Crisis in Organizations

MGMT 5713 Negotiation and Third-Party Dispute Resolution

POLS 5363 Public Sector Dispute Resolution

POLS 5663 Community Relations in Environmental and Emergency Management

PSYC 4213 (S) Conflict Resolution

AGEC 5503 Economics of Natural and Environmental Resource Policy

CIVE 5123 The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Engineering

CIVE 5823 Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

ECON 5013 Contemporary Environmental Policy

ENVR 5733 Environmental Site Assessment

ENVR 5743 Environmental Impact Assessment

GEOG 4113 Cultural and Political Ecology

IEM 5943 Hazardous Material and Waste

MC 5923 Law and Ethics for Public Relations and Advertising

POLS 4363 Environmental Law and Policy

POLS 5113 Seminar in Public Program Evaluation

POLS 5313 Public Management

POLS 5333 Seminar in Public Personnel Administration

POLS 5353 Seminar in Design, Structure and Processes of Public Organizations

POLS 5613 Public Policy Analysis

POLS 5620 Seminar in Natural Resource Policy, Law and Administration

POLS 5633 Practical Environmental Compliance

POLS 5643 Regulatory Risk Analysis

POLS 5653 Risk Assessment in Emergency Management Planning

POLS 5663 Community Relations in Environmental and Emergency Management