Environmental Management

Program Description

The objective of Environmental Management specialization is to provide those environmental science graduate students who wish to pursue a professional career in industry, consulting, or government an officially recognized degree plan that places high importance on practical problem solving rather than on research. The option requires an interdisciplinary, applied practicum course. This is  followed by an internship where  the student must solve an actual environmental problem using international standards of environmental management practice. Doctoral students in this degree option must complete a scholarly dissertation.

Research Component

EM students have taken their internships in governmental agencies such as the EPA, Corps of engineers, US Air Force bases and local agencies such as the City of Tulsa. Internships may be completed within the State of Oklahoma or wherever the student so desires as long as their Committee agrees to the location. Internships at private sector organizations such as consulting firms, universities and industries are also available.

Research Areas

Community relations

Compliance and Enforcement

Economic assessment

Environmental Impact assessment

Environmental Management systems

Environmental law and Policy

Environmental risk management

Environmental Planning

Materials Management

Policy analysis

Renewable energy

Resource Management

Risk communication

Urban sustainability

Waste Management

Required Core Courses

ENVR 5303 Issues in Environmental Sustainability

ENVR 5123 Environmental Problem Analysis

ENVR 6503 Advanced Environmental Management Practicum  

ENVR 6510 Advanced Environmental Management Internship

Suggested Additional Courses

BAE 6343 Ground Water Contaminant Transport

CIVE 4823 Human Impact on the Environment

CIVE 5833Introduction to Environmental Modeling

ENVR 5523 Industrial Ecology for Environmental Scientists

ENVR 5543 Environmental Management Systems

ENVR 5703 Chemical Aspects of Environmental Science

ENVR 5733 Environmental Site Assessment

ENVR 5743 Environmental Impact Assessment

ENVR 6050 Advanced Readings in Environmental Science

ENVR 6210 Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science

IEM 5113 Strategic Quality Leadership

POLS 5613 Public Policy Analysis

POLS 5620 Seminar in Natural Resource Policy, Law and Administration

POLS 5633 Practical Environmental Compliance

POLS 5643 Regulatory Risk Analysis

SOC 5463 Seminar in Environmental Sociology