Creative Component


The Creative Component is an option for the traditional MS degree only upon approval by the student's graduate committee.  In that context, a creative component is a scholarly product that the student creates as an alternative to a thesis or report.  Examples include films, software, curricula, designs, books and journal articles.  As these examples suggest, MS Creative Components are not necessarily in text form; however, written descriptions are required to document the student's work and judge its scholarly value. Students who wish to complete a Creative Component in lieu of a thesis or research report should contact the ESGP department for more information.

The Creative Component for the PSM is specifically tied to the internship experience; thus, it is industry-focused and consists of a written document which demonstrates the student's ability to apply environmental science principles in an actual decision-making situation.  The Creative Component for the PSM involves the identification of an environmental problem and the presentation of well-researched solutions. The student develops a Creative Component Proposal and submits to their Advisory Committee for approval in advance of their internship semester.  Upon completion of the internship, the student  presents the Creative Component to their committee in both written and oral forms and completes the Creative Component Verification Form.  See Creative Component Guidelines for additional details.