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Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Program Description

The objective of Environmental Management specialization is to provide those Environmental Science graduate students who wish to pursue a professional career in industry, consulting, or government an officially recognized degree plan that places high importance on practical problem solving rather than on research. This option requires an interdisciplinary, applied practicum course. This is followed by an internship where the student must solve an actual environmental problem using international standards of environmental management practice

An MS degree in Environmental Science requires students to complete a 36 credit hour course of study. The core curriculum requirements for MS students with an Environmental Management specialization includes the following courses:

Required Core Courses:


ENVR 5123: Environmental Problem Analysis

ENVR 5210: Genres of Environmental Writing

ENVR 5303: Issues in Environmental Sustainability

ENVR 5503: Environmental Management Practicum

ENVR 5510: Environmental Management Internship (3 credits). Prerequisite: 5503 and consent of advisor. The student must identify and solve an environmental problem under the supervision of a competent professional environmental manager, and submit and defend a formal report presenting the problem, solution analysis methodologies, and recommended solution. The internship must involve at least 240 contact hours with the manager. The course is required of all Masters’ students pursuing a plan of study in Environmental Management. From this course the student will develop a “Creative Component” report.

Suggested Additional Courses:

Clean Air Act: Regulation, Compliance and Reporting

Bioremediation for Environmental Managers

Industrial Ecology for Environmental Scientists

Applied Standards for Environmental Managers

Physical Geology for Environmental Managers

Chemical Aspects of Environmental Science I

Chemical Aspects of Environmental Science II

Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Site Remediation

Watershed Management

Field Stream Assessment

Professional Science Master’s Degree Program (PSM) in Environmental Management:

In addition to the traditional degree program, the ESGP has received accreditation for a Professional Science Master’s Degree Program (PSM) in Environmental Management. The first of its kind in Oklahoma, the Professional Science Master’s Degree Program differs from other ESGP degrees by providing students a springboard to industry specific job opportunities. Environmental Management PSM graduate students will complete a minimum of 21 credit hours in science, a practicum, and an internship that requires spending 240 hours in an internship with an Oklahoma company. This experience will equip the students with practical, hands-on experience for their careers.